• Serves ages 0-5 years
  • Emphasis on fostering parent and child interactions
  • Curriculum is based on early developmental milestones
    • Communication (requesting and labeling)
    • Joint attention with others
    • Respond to name and basic instructions
    • Follow routines
    • Imitation skills
    • Verbal imitation
    • Social skills
    • Sharing and Turn-Taking
    • Independent play skills
    • Reciprocal play skills
    • Attend to simple tasks
    • Initiation and social pragmatics
    • Early conversational skills
    • Participate and follow group instruction
    • Toilet training
    • Basic Self-Care Skills

Bloom's Early Infant & Toddler Program

  • In-Home ABA Therapy for ages 0-25 years
  • In-Home Parent Training
  • Social Skills Training
  • Sibling Support
  • Learning and readiness skills (attend to a task, imitate, and learn from others)
  • Language Development to request for wants and needs, labeling, respond to questions, initiation, and conversational skills
  • Daily Living Skills (e.g., chores, meal preparation)
  • Behavior Management and Self Regulation
  • Reduce Repetitive/Stereotypic Behaviors
  • Increase initiation, play skills, leisure skills
  • Community Integration

Our Services

  • Behavior Contract systems and Token economies
  • Reinforcement procedures and how to shape target behaviors
  • Understanding functions of behavior, write a behavior intervention plan and implement related tactics
  • Treatment integrity procedures (how to monitor if a treatment is being implemented accurately)
  • Data collection and measurement systems
  • How to graph and analyze data to know if you intervention is effective
  • Identify when your student is not performing due to a skill deficit or performance deficit and related strategies
  • Generalization techniques such as RESA (retention, endurance, stability, and application) to ensure maintenance of skills
  • Group contingency or peer contingency strategies to facilitate observational learning and increase motivation among students in the classroom

 Specialized Interventions

  • School consultation, training, and IEP support
  • Care Coordination with other professionals (school, psychologist, speech, OT, PT, pediatrician, psychiatrist, neurologist)
  • Resources and education for families
  • Community involvement and outreach
  • Pivotal Response Training (PRT)
  • Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
  • Natural Environment Training (NET)
  • Verbal Behavior Tactics (VB)
  • Independent Activity Schedules (IAS)
  • Written Schedules
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Fluency Training
  • Multiple Exemplar Instruction (MEI)
  • Direct Instruction (DI)
  • Precision Teaching
  • Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling (CABAS)

ABA Teaching Methods

Support Services

Comprehensive Services

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Bloom Behavioral Health's Behavior Analysts offer consultation and training for Special Educators and staff. We are a certified by the California Department of Education to provide nonpublic agency services to  special education students. We can tailor the training to meet you specific needs. Some of the trainings we have conducted include:

Bloom Behavioral Health is proud to offer comprehensive services to meet the unique needs of each client.

Bloom Little Sprouts
Helping Our Children Grow and Thrive!

  • Toilet Training & Hygiene
  • Food Selectivity and Food Refusal
  • Sexual Education
  • Obesity & Health
  • Sleep Behavior (improve irregular sleep patterns)
  • Safety & Elopement
  • Self-Monitoring and Self-Management Skills
  • Perspective Taking and Theory of Mind
  • Vocational Training
  • Rule-Following 
  • Independent Living