Maria Cisneros is a Program Coordinator at Bloom Behavior Health Inc. She has nine years of experience working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Maria earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and Chicano Latino Studies from California State University Long Beach. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, she began working as an ABA interventionist in Los Angeles County. Maria implemented various ABA teaching strategies such as Discrete Trial Teaching, Functional Communication, Pivotal Response Training, and Naturalistic Teaching. In addition, Maria has worked with a wide range of individual’s ranging from 3-year-olds to forty-year-olds. After five years of working as an interventionist, Maria became a Supervisor and Parent Consultant for an agency in Orange County. As a Supervisor and Parent Consultant, Maria’s responsibilities included overseeing home cases in Orange County and Los Angeles County. Maria also has worked at the school setting supervising individual cases at the school district as well as supervising school sites at the district for the autism SUCSESS program. Maria has received her Master’s degree in Teaching with an emphasis in ABA from National University. Currently Maria is working toward becoming a Board Certified Analyst.

Program Coordinator

Maria Cisneros M.A.

Program Coordinator

Tania Orantes M.A.

Tania Orantes is a Program Coordinator at Bloom Behavioral Health Inc. She graduated from University of California Irvine with a B.A. In Psychology and Social behavior (PSB) and a B.A. In Women's Studies. She pursued a PSB major with the interest of contributing and working alongside children with developmental disabilities. She started working in the field of ABA as a Respite/Behavioral Support Staff and immediately became very interested and passionate in the science and principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis. Tania continued to work as a Behavioral Therapist, and progressed to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching with a focus on Applied Behavioral Analysis at National University. She is very eager to continue her growth in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and invested in providing support to children and their families.  

Program Coordinator

Claudia Nguyen B.A.

Executive Clinical Director

Oswaldo Ochoa M.A. BCBA

Executive Director

Lori Aguirre M.A. BCBA

Our Behavior Therapists are highly motivated and compassionate. All of our staff have previous experience working with children, pass an initial screening, background check and undergo rigorous training by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) prior to working with clients. They receive ongoing weekly training and feedback specific to the client they are working with as well as monthly training by a BCBA.

Bloom Behavioral Health's clinical team is committed to serving with compassion and care. We feel honored and privileged to serve and support your family.

Bloom Behavioral Health clinical team

Qualified Behavior Analysts proud to be serving children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities.

Lori Aguirre is the founder and Executive Director of Bloom Behavioral Health Inc. She is passionate about helping and serving others within her community. Lori began her passion and journey as an undergraduate student at UC Irvine working with a child with autism in the home and school in 2001 and knew she was meant to pursue this field as her career path. Lori received her Bachelor degree in Psychology and Social Behavior from UC Irvine in 2003. She received additional training working at an early infant program for 3 years. She decided to pursue her Masters degree in Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2008. Lori began working at California Psychcare in 2009 as the Orange County Division Director where she was involved in overseeing and supported to establish offices in Riverside, Palm Desert, San Diego, and Orange County. Lori oversees the operations as well as provides training and mentorship to staff. She is currently working on completing her Ph.D. at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles campus under the advisement of Dr. Carlson. She is a Board Certified  Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and enjoys empowering staff and families to reach their full potential.

Oswaldo Ochoa is the Executive Clinical Director at Bloom Behavioral Health Inc.. He is passionate about the science and practice of behavior analysis and serving his community. He started his journey working with children with autism at UCLA in 2001 under Dr. Lovaas. He earned a Bachelor degree in Psychology from UCLA in 2002. He began working at an agency in Orange County in 2003 working with children at an early infant program. Oswaldo pursued his Masters degree in ABA at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2008. During his graduate training, Oswaldo was afforded the opportunity to receive additional training under the supervision of Dr. Gautreaux and Dr. Greer at The Jigsaw CABAS (Comprehensive  Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling) school in Surrey, England where he was trained in Direct Instruction, Verbal Behavior, and Fluency Training. Oswaldo Ochoa was the Orange County Clinical Director at California Psychcare for 6 years supporting staff and families and directing the Orange County region. Oswaldo is currently adjunct faculty at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Irvine campus teaching and mentoring students in Behavior Analysis. He is also currently in the process of completing his Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles campus under the advisement of Dr. Morrison. Oswaldo Ochoa is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), speaks Spanish, and enjoys playing the guitar.

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Claudia Nguyen is a Program Coordinator and Parent Consultant at Bloom Behavioral Health Inc. She has been working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for more than 3 years. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a B.A. in Social Ecology. After earning her bachelor’s degree, she came across the opportunity to work at Bloom Behavioral Health as a Behavioral Therapist in 2015. She immediately became passionate about helping and making meaningful impacts on the families she serves. Claudia then decided to work towards becoming a future Board Certified Behavior Analyst in order to support and serve more families. She attends The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at the Irvine campus and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. Her passion for the science of behavior analysis has been continuously growing as she learns and obtains training from her mentors. Other than her love for this field, she enjoys spending quality time with her family/friends and staying active through working out, ice-skating, hiking, and trying new and fun physical activities. She continues to seek for more learning opportunities and strives for self-improvement academically, personally, and within her career path.

Associate Clinical Director

Cindy Avalos M.A.T. BCBA

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Cindy Avalos is an Associate Clinical Director and Board Certified Behavior Analyst at Bloom Behavioral Health Inc. She has over 14 years of experience working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. She earned her bachelor degree in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton and began working in the field as a behavior interventionist, and instantly fell in love with the science and practice of ABA while working in the home and classroom settings. She has worked for various organizations since then, which has allowed her to obtain a wide range of experience while working with teams specializing in various empirically supported treatments, including Pivotal Response Training, Discrete Trial Teaching, Functional Communication Training, Naturalistic Teaching, and Verbal Behavior.

Cindy received her Masters degree in Teaching with an emphasis in ABA from National University and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2013. She joined the Bloom Behavioral Health family in 2016, where she supports and collaborates with all team members in order to provide families with high quality care. She emphasizes the importance of involving parents and caregivers in the development of their child's program in order to best meet their family's needs and goals. Cindy is dedicated to ensuring that each learner generalizes their skills across people and settings for increased independence and a sense of success for all family members. Cindy is passionate about teaching and learning! She values opportunities to mentor staff in order to foster growth and promote ethical practices and professionalism within the field of ABA. Outside of work, Cindy enjoys spending time with her family and daydreaming about being an astronaut with NASA.